Week 2-MKE and Our Personal Pivotal Needs

Week 2-MKE and Our Personal Pivotal Needs

I have spent this week of the MKE trying to understand my dharma (DMP-Definite Major Purpose) a little more and honing it in. To get where you want to go you have to know where you are going and have a blueprint to get there. The example we were given is one of building a bridge. Workers simply could not build a bridge unless engineers and architects gave them a blueprint to do so. Our DMP or dharma is our blueprint.

We were asked to pick the top two personal pivotal needs out of a list of 6 that were the most aligned with what we really want to weave into our DMP. Those words were legacy, spiritual growth, autonomy, liberty, helping others, recognition of creative expression and true health. The top two for me were autonomy (freedom to do what I want) and legacy (money to do what I want). At first my mind wanted to be noble and pick helping other as one of my two because I do want to help others but it is not what I want MOST. It is imperative you are honest with yourself about what you REALLY desire. However, no matter what two I pick all of the others will be achieved along the way so that’s ok. You simply can’t have autonomy and legacy without helping others so it’s a win win.

How many times have you wanted something yet you tell yourself in your head that it’s impossible or you can’t do it? Well, if so, then it probably didn’t happen. You see, you reap what you sow. I see that sort of pattern in areas of my life that have seemed nearly impossible to overcome over the years. Now I’m starting to understand why that might be so. The good news is I can use my DMP as the bridge from where I am to were I want to be. I now have clear picture of how to truly change my habits and make a new blueprint for my life.

Speaking to your subconscious out loud with emotion will help you retrain it. It’s like a train you have to derail and put on new tracks. I am learning to speak to my subconscious mind in a clear precise way with a burning desire and emotion. This is the ONLY way it will listen. At least, that’s what I’m learning. 😊 I can’t wait to see what new habits I form.

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