Week 3 MKE Old Habits Die Hard!

This week we dug a little deeper into our DMP and how to write it precisely for what we really want. I did realize that mine was completely incorrect. My top two PPN’s are actually true health and liberty. It’s kind of funny, I had chosen legacy last week but really meant liberty which is the ability to do what I want to. I realized that with that autonomy would most definitely come along the way. I do tend to focus on my health a lot and feel it is better aligned as part of my DMP. Soooo….I rewrote it and now I am anxiously awaiting my guide’s feedback. It’s really neat to have others to help guide you along the way.

Photo by Kun Fotografi on Pexels.com

Only 3 weeks in and it has already been a journey. I have learned a lot about my mental attitude, how to make the connection with what you are reading, and saying and seeing (adding colored symbols to our note cards by actions we are taking) and changes that are starting to happen. Oh man! There is no room for fear and negativity in your thoughts. They HAVE to GO!!! Old habits sure do die hard! Reading the Greatest Salesman Scroll #1 3 times a day and repeating the other exercises such as sitting for 15 minutes quietly, reading our lesson and reading my DMP 3 times daily is helping to form new habits and drive those old non-serving thoughts away. Here’s the catch… it’s not just reading it that makes the difference though. You HAVE to put feelings and emotions behind what you are saying. You need to say it out loud and really BELIEVE what you are saying! Make it a true statement! Your mind does NOT know the difference. Eliminate all of the doubt and let your true light shine! If you do this you will see results. You just have to DO IT!!!!!

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