Week 4 MKE- Hope On The Horizon

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This week in the Master Key Experience I started to see that little ray of light shine through and real hope on the horizon. Have you ever watched everyone around you accomplish anything they tried while you sat in the back row and wondered why you were still in the back row? Yep, been there, done that. It doesn’t have to be that way though. You have complete control, and it was so enlightening to dive deeper into that and really feel the HOPE and LIGHT of having the ability to make a real change.

You see, I have been attending and doing what I’m told for 3 weeks now but truth be told, I was only in it about 85%. I would read and do all the tasks and sometimes throw in the enthusiasm but old subby would come around and tell me it was ok to be tired and not use real enthusiasm right before bed or hey, it’s ok to skip that 15 minutes of silent time on the weekend. I mean, after all, I’m busy…right?! WRONG!! Your body gets used to the “feeling” that you invoke within and will work to create those feelings again. When I don’t do what I said I would do, I don’t feel good about it.  If I am too busy to work on my subby and don’t slow down enough to give my mind room to explore then subby will find ways to make me busier. It’s a chain reaction and it keeps happening. So, to change that I must do the simple task given me to read, reread and read again every day. I must FEEL it with emotion when said out loud and old Subby will have to listen. I must be 100% all in, all the time!!

We have been shown how to write out a simple chore on a notecard and put a colored symbol behind it over the past couple of weeks. We also write our movie trailer DMP and other items on index cards and use colored symbols with them. While we go throughout our day reading, speaking it out loud, completing the chore (celebrating like crazy when we do) for the week and looking for these colored symbols like the ones on our cards we are using the Law of Dual Thought. The Law of Dual Thought allows us to up the ante in creating new habits. Subby is now getting used to associating what you have on the card as something you WILL do. Have you ever had anyone tell you the worst person you can lie to is yourself? If not, then hear me now. Don’t lie to yourself, ever! When you say you are going to do something, do it. When you promise you will be on time, be on time. You said you would clean the bathroom today, clean it! The simplest of tasks or promises to yourself make a huge difference. When subby knows that you do what you say then there is no other option. Subby will work to do whatever you have set out to do.

Week 4 and the Blueprint for accomplishing my PPN’s and living the life I create for myself are starting to come together and I see a crack of light shining through as I change my mind and watch my world start to shift.

Thanks for reading! Believe in yourself, speak your truth and shine your light bright my friend!

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