Week 5 MKE-Linking it All Together

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This week in MKE we reviewed some of the homework activities and assignment we have been working on throughout the first 5 weeks, linking it all together and more explanation on why we are doing this. Did you know your mind is like a holodeck and you are the one who has complete control over it? Your life up until this exact day is a product of your past habits, thoughts, and beliefs.  Your subconscious doesn’t know if what you are telling it is true or not. When you tell it something it will work to make it happen without you even realizing it. It believed it is true and will get to work making it happen. It’s time to ramp things up and feed that subby all day, every day.

I have once again changed my PPN’s to autonomy and liberty. I was glad to hear Mark say that it was normal. As we continue to repeat the exercises given to us, dig into our PPN’s and plug into the daily work you start to truly see what it is your desire and what pulls you.  I have always wanted freedom from a job. I want to work for myself and now is the time to plug into that and make it happen. You see, if what I am being taught in this class really works then I can see that as part of my future. I must believe it, speak it, put emotion behind and let the old subby help do the work.

We are linking what we want in writing, adding colored shapes, reading literature, speaking with emotion, looking for connections and so much more. It is hard to even explain how much we are pouring into our minds right now. As we navigate through this week, we have been asked to not give our opinion on anything unless we are an expert and have been asked. I never knew how many opinions I had until now and it sure frees up a lot of space for me to think, observe and be still.

Week 5 is underway, and I am loving this journey!

17 thoughts on “Week 5 MKE-Linking it All Together

  1. Great overview of the week. You are clearly embracing the process. Your blog does not look like something a first timer is doing. Have you been blogging long?


  2. I was surprised at how many opinions I have too. And even more the desire to want to share them! Ha ha! I think that it’s true about freeing up space. That can be a treasure.


  3. Ulene, I enjoyed your blog and what you learned from Week 5. It is neat to see how you are connecting things .Congratulations for all your hard efforts. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What did you do differently to stop sharing your opinions? From your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


  4. It’s both challenging and rewarding not having an opinion. I Observed myself demonstrating a positive mental attitude that exude inner joy manifesting outwardly.


  5. Change is no doubt inevitable. Yes, work is necessary hard mental labor and the Master Keys is so graciously teaching me how to create change. I lay down the life of limitation excited with overcoming genetic predisposition. Yes Mark, indecision is a decision. I’m utilizing the Master Key tools to create intimacy with myself. For that I’m grateful . Letting go of fears and thankful it’s not too late for me.


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