Week 6 MKE- A Shift Is Happening

Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Pexels.com

This Week in the Master Key Experience, things are finally starting to shift a little and get very interesting. The shifts have been small but noticeable. A couple of small things happened that were like whoa, that’s kind of neat.
The class was all about connecting our colors with our shapes and noticing those shapes and colors for what we attach them to. For example, if I associate true health every time I see a red circle I would instantly think that every time I see a red circle. Keeping the shapes and colors in front of you and always looking for them is another way keep your goals and personal pivotal needs in your thoughts and at the front of your mind. Your mind starts to make these connection, puts it all together and things start to shift. Your reality starts to shift. And, you know, sometimes I think it’s harder to work with my mind than it is to work with my hands. It’s so easy to have a lazy mind but if you want real change you have to constantly tell your subby what your life is going to look like. That is constant work but will be worth it to my future self.

We have service cards that we write on every week. We put a chore on the card that we know we will absolutely get done. This helps us associate anything we write on that card as something we are definitely going to do.. Last week I put on my card that I was going to clean the shower. It was something I knew had to get done by the end of the week so I put it on the card. By Wednesday I still hadn’t cleaned the shower. Did I mention this is one of my least favorite things to do? It just so happens my dogs got out of the house that day and came home muddy from head to toe. Before I knew it I had a muddy shower I had to clean and it couldn’t wait. Guess what?! Chore on my service card…DONE!! Yay! Another neat happening I had was I needed to make a call and get an answer to something. I decided to wait and make the call later. Literally within 5 minutes of that decision my phone rang and it was the company I needed to speak with. They had a question for me and I was able to ask the question I was waiting to call about.

Since I have been consistently doing all of the readings and exercises I am seeing little things like this happen. Not only am I making shifts in my habits but the world around me seems to be working with me too as I keep my eyes open and take notice more. I know these little shifts will soon start making BIG changes.

3 thoughts on “Week 6 MKE- A Shift Is Happening

  1. So cool that you’re noticing synchronicities in your life related to your MKE efforts! Thank you for sharing this insight: “…it’s harder to work with my mind than it is to work with my hands.” Definitely, something I’ve also noticed, but so worth the effort, right? Get ready for even bigger shifts ahead! 🙂


  2. Great job on being mindful and developing Self Awareness. The more you do the more you can do. And, a lot of small little changes end up being one big change. Thank you. Reading about the momentum you are creating Inspires me with Expectations for my self.


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