Week 8 MKE – More Concrete Chipping…

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It’s week 8 of the Master Key Experience and it’s amazing how much cement you can chip away at when you really work on it. The power of thought is moving on and forward in this mind of mine. I have noticed I am still making changes. It’s as if the more I chip away at the old mind set and way of doing things the more in tune I become with what it is I really want. This causes me to make changes on my dream board, DMP and goals.

This week we have been challenged not to watch any tv and to keep it up with our 7-day mental diet and giving no opinions. I am still doing resets on the mental diet but it’s getting better. The most difficult challenge for me is when others come to me with a negative mindset. I am learning ways to deflect this with steering the conversation in a different direction or just stating I must get back to work. It has been a challenge to chip away at wanting to jump in there and get my opinion in! It has also been a challenge not to watch tv while in the kitchen cooking. However, that time has been better replaced with letting my mind be free to think. The more I do this the more relaxed I feel. I am starting to realize I do not have to occupy my mind with activities every minute of the day and when I don’t, I am less stressed, more relaxed, and more creative. This helps me chip away at that old subby and make way for a new me.

In the class last week, they talked about the “diet pill”. Everyone has a choice. You can choose your stimulus and response. Here’s an example. You leave for work every morning and if you are one minute late you get stuck behind the school bus. You now must rush to work like a crazy person and by the time you arrive you are frazzled and in a bad mood. By doing this your subconscious will work to recreate the same pattern.

Here’s the reality. You can CHOOSE to get up earlier. You can choose to be out the door in time to hit the drive through and grab a coffee if that’s what you wish to do. You get to work without catching the school bus, have a hot steaming cup of coffee in your hands and are wearing a smile. Which morning feels better to you? Do this enough and your subconscious will work to recreate this pattern.  

There are tons of everyday decisions that can be tweaked if they aren’t fitting what you need to give you a better and happier day. Choose a different stimulus, your “diet pill”, and your old subby will start to work for you without you even realizing it. Keep a card with your goals in your pocket. Anytime a situation gives you a negative response use that to instantly change your response. You can read it or simply touch it to trigger your conscious to intentionally pick a different stimulus. Your entire body will respond to whichever response you choose to use. The response triggers peptides in your body and the more of whichever peptide it gets it will crave and you will either find yourself in either negative or positive situations based on what you are doing.

Everything we do is a choice and it’s up to us decide what choice it is. I have been mentally working on these choices and using them to make a better day today and tomorrow for myself.

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