Week 11 MKE-Becoming a Monarch

In Week 11 we reviewed parts of other lessons and major points. One piece that really stood out to me was how the Monarch butterfly is a great example of what we are practicing here. You see, the Monarch butterflies are know for their migrations to California and Mexico each year. This mass migration brings these butterflies thousands of miles in their short 6-8 months lives. This could not be done without a burning desire/purpose, focus, plan, and alliance with the other butterflies.

These 4 steps or tiny habits are exactly what we are learning and practicing every day in the Master Keys. 4 tiny habits will either bring me what I want in life or further away from it. If I don’t have the correct purpose, fail to focus, skip making a plan and try to do it all on my own, I will likely fail in every single way. If I choose to follow the habits of the beautiful Monarch butterfly and practice the 4 tiny habits by knowing my purpose and having a burning desire to achieve it, apply unwavering focus, make a plan and make an alliance with someone who will encourage me along the way I will have the luxury of chipping the old cement of my past away while turning into the beautiful butterfly I see my future self as.

Everyday I have the opportunity to wake up and go to sleep with these new found principles and make the decision of whether or not I will pursue my dreams or settle for mediocrity. I choose to follow my dreams and be like the Monarch. Things are unfolding in a way I never saw coming and I am so happy for the opportunity to share them with you along this journey.

One thought on “Week 11 MKE-Becoming a Monarch

  1. What inspiring words to end this post with: “Things are unfolding in a way I never saw coming…” brings to mind the wings of a butterfly! I’m happy for you for making the choice to be like a Monarch! 🙂


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