Week 12 MKE – Let Go & Quit Holding Tight

This week in MKE we were given more ways to engage our minds to steer towards what we want and a very powerful tool to use in order to quickly let go of a negative thought.
One of the the things I love the most about this course is how we are given new tools and different ways to accomplish the same thing. Everyone learns in a different way and will respond to something different. There is a tool for every type of learner.

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I am one of those learners who needs it coming at them from all different directions so it is perfect for me!

One of my struggles during this course has been to let go of a negative thought quickly. We were told a story about a bear clinging to a kettle when he should of let go. This bear kept holding tightly to this kettle even though it was the thing that was hurting him. You see, this is what tends to happen in every day life. Being around someone negative, ending up in a stressful situation, having a negative reaction to something that irritates us. You get the picture. When this happens it helps to remember the bear that eventually saw his demise because he didn’t let go.

A positive mental change and shift can’t happen in a negative mind. We must always remember we bring about what we think about. This week I have used that bear as a constant reminder to let go!

4 thoughts on “Week 12 MKE – Let Go & Quit Holding Tight

  1. I too found great value in the variety & quantity of tools shared during this course. That’s great that the story of the bear and the kettle is helping you to let go of negative thoughts! 🙂


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