Week 16 MKE – Kindness

This week in MKE has turned out to be one of my favorite weeks. We were asked to we looked for kindness around us as our word for the week and to do random acts of kindness every day without getting caught. This is something my son and I love to do. Sometimes we hide dollar bills in a convenience store and he loves that. I try to make someone smile who is having a bad day or just hold the door for someone. I often do it without thinking so it was nice to take a moment and intentionally create some extra RAKS throughout the day. It was actually harder than what I thought. I had to think outside of the box because my regular routine didn’t always offer up the opportunity to do so. I called and checked in on friends, hopped on Facebook and was intentional about commenting on some posts I thought were special to my friends, let people out in traffic, did some little extra’s around the house for my family and so much more. It’s so nice knowing that one little simple act can change or alter someone’s day.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

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