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MKE Week 14 – The Movie…

Sooooo Week 14 we are supposed to watch a movie and look for the Hero’s Journey in the movie. Sadly, I have not done that yet! I’ll be back to update you on this one.

Week 16 MKE – Kindness

This week in MKE has turned out to be one of my favorite weeks. We were asked to we looked for kindness around us as our word for the week and to do random acts of kindness every day without getting caught. This is something my son and I love to do. Sometimes we hide…

MKE Week 15 – Word Of The Week

One of our exercises this week was to pick a virtue out of a list that I felt needed the most improvement in my life and write how many times I saw it each day. The goal of the exercise is to identify, magnify and multiply it by being aware of it. Here’s an example.…

Week 13 MKE – What Have I Created?

During the MKE experience I have been taught time and time again that thought and belief charged with feeling leads to action and results. One sentence in this weeks lesson really gave me what I call a V-8 moment. Have you ever watched the commercial where the person smacks their forehead and says “Wow! I…


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Hi, I’m Ulene. I’m a full time working mama of an 11 yr old and two grown bonus kiddos. I love working my side business, doing DIY projects, healthy recipes, traveling with my family and of course The 3 Amigos (my fur babies). I’m taking a journey of self discovery with the 26 week Master Key Experience. Come along with my while I share a little every week and some other posts too of the things I love the most.

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