Week 13 MKE – What Have I Created?

During the MKE experience I have been taught time and time again that thought and belief charged with feeling leads to action and results. One sentence in this weeks lesson really gave me what I call a V-8 moment. Have you ever watched the commercial where the person smacks their forehead and says “Wow! IContinue reading “Week 13 MKE – What Have I Created?”

Week 11 MKE-Becoming a Monarch

In Week 11 we reviewed parts of other lessons and major points. One piece that really stood out to me was how the Monarch butterfly is a great example of what we are practicing here. You see, the Monarch butterflies are know for their migrations to California and Mexico each year. This mass migration bringsContinue reading “Week 11 MKE-Becoming a Monarch”

Week 9 MKE – Holiday Are Here. Dig In and Dig Deep

I know, I know. I am behind! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday with loved ones. I enjoyed family time with lots of food and spent some time decorating for Christmas! It was s great time. During the MKE lesson this week they warned us how the holidays would start to sneak upContinue reading “Week 9 MKE – Holiday Are Here. Dig In and Dig Deep”

Week 8 MKE – More Concrete Chipping…

It’s week 8 of the Master Key Experience and it’s amazing how much cement you can chip away at when you really work on it. The power of thought is moving on and forward in this mind of mine. I have noticed I am still making changes. It’s as if the more I chip awayContinue reading “Week 8 MKE – More Concrete Chipping…”

Week 7 MKE – Clear Out The Negativity

This week has been all about the 7 day mental diet for me. Have you ever tried to go 7 days without having a negative thought? I always thought I had a pretty positive mental mindset but after doing the 7 day mental diet I’ve realized just how much negativity goes through my mind inContinue reading “Week 7 MKE – Clear Out The Negativity”