Week 6 MKE- A Shift Is Happening

This Week in the Master Key Experience, things are finally starting to shift a little and get very interesting. The shifts have been small but noticeable. A couple of small things happened that were like whoa, that’s kind of neat.The class was all about connecting our colors with our shapes and noticing those shapes andContinue reading “Week 6 MKE- A Shift Is Happening”

Week 5 MKE-Linking it All Together

This week in MKE we reviewed some of the homework activities and assignment we have been working on throughout the first 5 weeks, linking it all together and more explanation on why we are doing this. Did you know your mind is like a holodeck and you are the one who has complete control overContinue reading “Week 5 MKE-Linking it All Together”

Week 4 MKE- Hope On The Horizon

This week in the Master Key Experience I started to see that little ray of light shine through and real hope on the horizon. Have you ever watched everyone around you accomplish anything they tried while you sat in the back row and wondered why you were still in the back row? Yep, been there,Continue reading “Week 4 MKE- Hope On The Horizon”

Week 2-MKE and Our Personal Pivotal Needs

Week 2-MKE and Our Personal Pivotal Needs I have spent this week of the MKE trying to understand my dharma (DMP-Definite Major Purpose) a little more and honing it in. To get where you want to go you have to know where you are going and have a blueprint to get there. The example weContinue reading “Week 2-MKE and Our Personal Pivotal Needs”

Week 1 MKE- 26 Weeks of Self Discovery Ahead

Well, here goes. I am officially starting a blog…eek! That’s scary! Come along with me as I take you with me on a journey of self-discovery. I have no idea what it will entail but I am excited to share with you and see what transpires. Week 1 of the Master Key Experience (MKE) wasContinue reading “Week 1 MKE- 26 Weeks of Self Discovery Ahead”