Week 6 MKE- A Shift Is Happening

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This Week in the Master Key Experience, things are finally starting to shift a little and get very interesting. The shifts have been small but noticeable. A couple of small things happened that were like whoa, that’s kind of neat.
The class was all about connecting our colors with our shapes and noticing those shapes and colors for what we attach them to. For example, if I associate true health every time I see a red circle I would instantly think that every time I see a red circle. Keeping the shapes and colors in front of you and always looking for them is another way keep your goals and personal pivotal needs in your thoughts and at the front of your mind. Your mind starts to make these connection, puts it all together and things start to shift. Your reality starts to shift. And, you know, sometimes I think it’s harder to work with my mind than it is to work with my hands. It’s so easy to have a lazy mind but if you want real change you have to constantly tell your subby what your life is going to look like. That is constant work but will be worth it to my future self.

We have service cards that we write on every week. We put a chore on the card that we know we will absolutely get done. This helps us associate anything we write on that card as something we are definitely going to do.. Last week I put on my card that I was going to clean the shower. It was something I knew had to get done by the end of the week so I put it on the card. By Wednesday I still hadn’t cleaned the shower. Did I mention this is one of my least favorite things to do? It just so happens my dogs got out of the house that day and came home muddy from head to toe. Before I knew it I had a muddy shower I had to clean and it couldn’t wait. Guess what?! Chore on my service card…DONE!! Yay! Another neat happening I had was I needed to make a call and get an answer to something. I decided to wait and make the call later. Literally within 5 minutes of that decision my phone rang and it was the company I needed to speak with. They had a question for me and I was able to ask the question I was waiting to call about.

Since I have been consistently doing all of the readings and exercises I am seeing little things like this happen. Not only am I making shifts in my habits but the world around me seems to be working with me too as I keep my eyes open and take notice more. I know these little shifts will soon start making BIG changes.

Week 5 MKE-Linking it All Together

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This week in MKE we reviewed some of the homework activities and assignment we have been working on throughout the first 5 weeks, linking it all together and more explanation on why we are doing this. Did you know your mind is like a holodeck and you are the one who has complete control over it? Your life up until this exact day is a product of your past habits, thoughts, and beliefs.  Your subconscious doesn’t know if what you are telling it is true or not. When you tell it something it will work to make it happen without you even realizing it. It believed it is true and will get to work making it happen. It’s time to ramp things up and feed that subby all day, every day.

I have once again changed my PPN’s to autonomy and liberty. I was glad to hear Mark say that it was normal. As we continue to repeat the exercises given to us, dig into our PPN’s and plug into the daily work you start to truly see what it is your desire and what pulls you.  I have always wanted freedom from a job. I want to work for myself and now is the time to plug into that and make it happen. You see, if what I am being taught in this class really works then I can see that as part of my future. I must believe it, speak it, put emotion behind and let the old subby help do the work.

We are linking what we want in writing, adding colored shapes, reading literature, speaking with emotion, looking for connections and so much more. It is hard to even explain how much we are pouring into our minds right now. As we navigate through this week, we have been asked to not give our opinion on anything unless we are an expert and have been asked. I never knew how many opinions I had until now and it sure frees up a lot of space for me to think, observe and be still.

Week 5 is underway, and I am loving this journey!

Week 4 MKE- Hope On The Horizon

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This week in the Master Key Experience I started to see that little ray of light shine through and real hope on the horizon. Have you ever watched everyone around you accomplish anything they tried while you sat in the back row and wondered why you were still in the back row? Yep, been there, done that. It doesn’t have to be that way though. You have complete control, and it was so enlightening to dive deeper into that and really feel the HOPE and LIGHT of having the ability to make a real change.

You see, I have been attending and doing what I’m told for 3 weeks now but truth be told, I was only in it about 85%. I would read and do all the tasks and sometimes throw in the enthusiasm but old subby would come around and tell me it was ok to be tired and not use real enthusiasm right before bed or hey, it’s ok to skip that 15 minutes of silent time on the weekend. I mean, after all, I’m busy…right?! WRONG!! Your body gets used to the “feeling” that you invoke within and will work to create those feelings again. When I don’t do what I said I would do, I don’t feel good about it.  If I am too busy to work on my subby and don’t slow down enough to give my mind room to explore then subby will find ways to make me busier. It’s a chain reaction and it keeps happening. So, to change that I must do the simple task given me to read, reread and read again every day. I must FEEL it with emotion when said out loud and old Subby will have to listen. I must be 100% all in, all the time!!

We have been shown how to write out a simple chore on a notecard and put a colored symbol behind it over the past couple of weeks. We also write our movie trailer DMP and other items on index cards and use colored symbols with them. While we go throughout our day reading, speaking it out loud, completing the chore (celebrating like crazy when we do) for the week and looking for these colored symbols like the ones on our cards we are using the Law of Dual Thought. The Law of Dual Thought allows us to up the ante in creating new habits. Subby is now getting used to associating what you have on the card as something you WILL do. Have you ever had anyone tell you the worst person you can lie to is yourself? If not, then hear me now. Don’t lie to yourself, ever! When you say you are going to do something, do it. When you promise you will be on time, be on time. You said you would clean the bathroom today, clean it! The simplest of tasks or promises to yourself make a huge difference. When subby knows that you do what you say then there is no other option. Subby will work to do whatever you have set out to do.

Week 4 and the Blueprint for accomplishing my PPN’s and living the life I create for myself are starting to come together and I see a crack of light shining through as I change my mind and watch my world start to shift.

Thanks for reading! Believe in yourself, speak your truth and shine your light bright my friend!

Week 3 MKE Old Habits Die Hard!

This week we dug a little deeper into our DMP and how to write it precisely for what we really want. I did realize that mine was completely incorrect. My top two PPN’s are actually true health and liberty. It’s kind of funny, I had chosen legacy last week but really meant liberty which is the ability to do what I want to. I realized that with that autonomy would most definitely come along the way. I do tend to focus on my health a lot and feel it is better aligned as part of my DMP. Soooo….I rewrote it and now I am anxiously awaiting my guide’s feedback. It’s really neat to have others to help guide you along the way.

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Only 3 weeks in and it has already been a journey. I have learned a lot about my mental attitude, how to make the connection with what you are reading, and saying and seeing (adding colored symbols to our note cards by actions we are taking) and changes that are starting to happen. Oh man! There is no room for fear and negativity in your thoughts. They HAVE to GO!!! Old habits sure do die hard! Reading the Greatest Salesman Scroll #1 3 times a day and repeating the other exercises such as sitting for 15 minutes quietly, reading our lesson and reading my DMP 3 times daily is helping to form new habits and drive those old non-serving thoughts away. Here’s the catch… it’s not just reading it that makes the difference though. You HAVE to put feelings and emotions behind what you are saying. You need to say it out loud and really BELIEVE what you are saying! Make it a true statement! Your mind does NOT know the difference. Eliminate all of the doubt and let your true light shine! If you do this you will see results. You just have to DO IT!!!!!

Week 2-MKE and Our Personal Pivotal Needs

Week 2-MKE and Our Personal Pivotal Needs

I have spent this week of the MKE trying to understand my dharma (DMP-Definite Major Purpose) a little more and honing it in. To get where you want to go you have to know where you are going and have a blueprint to get there. The example we were given is one of building a bridge. Workers simply could not build a bridge unless engineers and architects gave them a blueprint to do so. Our DMP or dharma is our blueprint.

We were asked to pick the top two personal pivotal needs out of a list of 6 that were the most aligned with what we really want to weave into our DMP. Those words were legacy, spiritual growth, autonomy, liberty, helping others, recognition of creative expression and true health. The top two for me were autonomy (freedom to do what I want) and legacy (money to do what I want). At first my mind wanted to be noble and pick helping other as one of my two because I do want to help others but it is not what I want MOST. It is imperative you are honest with yourself about what you REALLY desire. However, no matter what two I pick all of the others will be achieved along the way so that’s ok. You simply can’t have autonomy and legacy without helping others so it’s a win win.

How many times have you wanted something yet you tell yourself in your head that it’s impossible or you can’t do it? Well, if so, then it probably didn’t happen. You see, you reap what you sow. I see that sort of pattern in areas of my life that have seemed nearly impossible to overcome over the years. Now I’m starting to understand why that might be so. The good news is I can use my DMP as the bridge from where I am to were I want to be. I now have clear picture of how to truly change my habits and make a new blueprint for my life.

Speaking to your subconscious out loud with emotion will help you retrain it. It’s like a train you have to derail and put on new tracks. I am learning to speak to my subconscious mind in a clear precise way with a burning desire and emotion. This is the ONLY way it will listen. At least, that’s what I’m learning. 😊 I can’t wait to see what new habits I form.

Week 1 MKE- 26 Weeks of Self Discovery Ahead

Well, here goes. I am officially starting a blog…eek! That’s scary! Come along with me as I take you with me on a journey of self-discovery. I have no idea what it will entail but I am excited to share with you and see what transpires.

Week 1 of the Master Key Experience (MKE) was intense! As I sat on the first weeks Zoom for 3 hours (a little longer than the future ones will be) it was one of those moments when I wondered what I had gotten myself into. My old Subby (subconscious) was fighting it but in my heart, I knew this could completely change my life.

MKE is a 26-week commitment on Sunday afternoons but as you learn more about the homework assignments and other details you learn it’s so much more. MKE is all about changing your old blueprint and creating a new one for yourself so you can live out your Definite Major Purpose, otherwise known as a DMP. It’s not about influencing you but about helping you find your purpose and yourself.

The story that keeps ringing in my mind as I completed my assignments this week is the story of the Golden Buddha. If you don’t know the story go to your computer and type in “story of the Golden Buddha”. I look back at my past and all that has worked to shape the life I have now. All the decisions I made, the lessons I was taught, the lessons I learned by trial and error, how I was raised, and the thoughts I think have caused me to create habits that brought me to where I am today. I have a good life and am very blessed, but it has always felt like there is a little something missing. I worked hard, did what I was “supposed” to do, followed the rules, and tried to be a good wife, mom, friend, sister… and so on. I have come a long way if you look at my family history but that unsettling feeling and little voice in the back of my mind has told me for years I am meant for so much more.  

The ability to bring out that gold has been elusive to me for several years.  I have spent a lot of time and resources looking for the freedom my heart desires. I always reach a certain point and then it’s as if I stop, go backwards, or get scared. I really don’t know how to explain it. Have you ever felt like this? You know, the feeling that you wanted something so bad, and you would do anything to accomplish it yet when the time came you just never seemed to quite reach it. I KNOW I have potential well beyond what I have accomplished but like that Golden Buddha it’s been covered in the programming of my subconscious mind and I need to learn a way to crack open that outer layer and those habits that have worked to keep me where I’m at and bring out the gold that is inside me.  I truly believe the MKE is going to help me crack the cement on the outside and through self-discovery change the habits that influence my subby which will have a domino effect on my entire life.

I am excited and a little intimated by the next 25 weeks and what they have in store for me. If my heart is any indicator of what I think is to come I truly feel I am in for some hard yet rewarding work that very well could completely change my future.

Come along with me and let’s see what happens.

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