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I Ellen DeGeneres am sitting on the sprawling back deck of a large 2 story home located in NC. I look over the horizon as the sun sparkles in the sky. It’s a sight to see. In my line of view is a large backyard with pool and fire pit meant for serious entertaining. I watch as a bird flies across the cloudless sky and calls out as if enjoying the day. The deck stretches the entire rear of the home and is complete with large pieces of comfortable outdoor furniture, a huge hanging bed swing and roof overhead with fans blowing to keep it cool and comfortable. I watch as water drips down the side of my glass of ice-cold tea on the table in front of me.

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Ulene, thank you for having me here today in your home with your family and giving me the opportunity to dive into how you have become so successful so quickly. Your family and dogs are wonderful, and your home is beautiful! I know our audience will be interested in your story and how you used Network Marketing from home to change your life.

Thank you for coming Ellen! I am so excited you are here and thrilled to share my story. I am kind of pinching myself right now. I can’t believe you are here at my house!

Ellen: (Ellen Laughs) it’s so fun to be here! Tell me Ulene what do you feel has been and defining moment in your business and why? What has made this business work for you when so many people fail at it?

Well Ellen, I was with my company for about a year and half before I had the chance to attend my first conference. At that time, I had very little success at all in the business. I was sitting with no customers and only a couple of active business partners that I had recruited myself. I knew the company was GREAT but it was as if I didn’t think I was good enough or deserved success. I didn’t have the self-confidence or mindset needed to really plug in.

At the same time, I was taking a 26-week online course called the Master Key Experience. This course was helping me to eliminate the self-limiting beliefs, change my habits and reprogram my subconscious. When I coupled that with the energy and experience of being with the team at conference, I felt like my brain was firing on all cylinders for the first time since I had started network marketing 7 years earlier. I felt like I was getting a do over. A fresh start.

Ellen: What did you do after that conference to move your business forward and to become successful so quickly?

At the time of the conference, I was in week 5 of the MKE and I continued to do the assignments and everything I was taught. This was all about changing my subconscious and habits. While I was plugging into this course my habits slowly started to change, my self-confidence grew, more positive changes started showing up everywhere I looked and suddenly it was like that snowball effect people talk about. One minute you are pushing it up the hill and building it, the next it is rolling at a tremendous speed all on its own and building incredible momentum.

Ellen: You said your habits started to change. What are some habits you used to help you achieve the success you have accomplished?

Well Ellen, I started watching less tv. Sorry Ellen! I started scheduling my calendar every week for family, work, and all other appointments I had for the week. I studied and practiced business building skills and I started reaching out to a minimum number of people every day. No matter what was happening that day the minimum had to be met. Then, I taught my team to do the same. This has helped me balance my home and work life and given me the ability to spend more quality time with my family.

Ellen: That sounds simple for what you have achieved.

It is Ellen! We tend to think it takes doing something massive to create success but really it’s a lot of small tasks done day in and day out that creates a compound effect.  This creates that snowball effect I was talking about earlier. What I figured out was that my daily habits in the past weren’t growing my business. I changed my habits and became consistent. Now I have more time and my business is thriving!

Ellen: What advice would you give someone wo is struggling or just starting out in the business?

I would tell them it all starts in their mind and subconscious. Change your mind, change your habits and you can change the world. Journal what you do every day for two weeks and see what your habits are. This will give you the big picture and help you see what you need to change.

Ellen: That sounds like some great advice! Thank you for agreeing to speak with me today and taking the time out during such a busy time. It has been great to come meet your family and have the time to speak with you.

It is my absolute pleasure! I am so excited you are here!

Chris is grilling out for dinner so why don’t you and the crew stay and have dinner with the family. You can enjoy a good ole’ NC sunset.   


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