The 3 Amigos

Scout, Charlie and Tucker

Meet our homes 3 fur babies. My sister nicknamed them The 3 Amigos. From left to right we have Scout, Charlie and Tucker. Also known and referred to as Baby Girl, Bubbas and Tuck Tuck. These three have stolen our hearts and along with it our home, lol. They all have their own personalities and each one brings something different into our lives.

Scout is alllll girl! We got her from a neighbor and aren’t sure what type of dog she is but we just know she has some kind of hunting dog in her. She is smart as a whip and doesn’t miss a thing! She babies and mamas the two Boys and knows everything that is happening! If dad goes to the dump or Dunkin Donuts you can bet she is going too. She will sit and whine until she is out the door sitting shotgun like a little human. She knows when it’s breakfast and dinner too. She will NOT let you forget it or her two treats afterwards. I really think she has a timer on that belly when it comes to food and treats.

Charlie is our old sole of a boy. He is a Bassador. Did you know there was such a thing? I had no idea until I met him at a pet adoption. I knew he was mine the minute we laid eyes on each other. He is the quietest one of the bunch but don’t let that fool you. He has a BIG personality! He’s patient and kind a loves big ole belly rubs. I would have to say he gets his way more than the other two. He had back surgery a few years back and we do baby him by helping him get up and down on the couch and bed. Yes, our pups sleep on the couch. We keep it covered and let them have it most of the time. They are our family.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Tucker. He is the one we think of as the baby. He is so gentle and such a sweetie. We got Tucker not long after we did Charlie because we didn’t want Charlie to be our only dog (we didn’t know we would end up with 3!). We called the adoption agency asking for another short legged dog if they received one. It wasn’t long before we received the call to come and pick up Tucker. He has come a long way from a dog you couldn’t put on a leash that was super skittish. He does like to lay in corners and under chairs but loves belly rubs and stretching out on the bed too. Our sweet baby has stolen our hearts.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting The 3 Amigos and I can’t wait to share them with you from time to time. Maybe they’ll steal your heart a little too.

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