Week 13 MKE – What Have I Created?

During the MKE experience I have been taught time and time again that thought and belief charged with feeling leads to action and results. One sentence in this weeks lesson really gave me what I call a V-8 moment. Have you ever watched the commercial where the person smacks their forehead and says “Wow! I could have had a V-8!” ? It was an reaction meant to say…hey, why didn’t I think of that?

The one sentence “Your homes are set upon the land a dreamer found. The pictures on its walls are visions from a dreamer’s soul.” caused me to pause and want to slap myself in the forehead as I looked around me. The very home I was standing in was first a thought. I wanted to build a home and not just any home but one that would last me for years and fit my family. I wanted enough bedrooms for each kid, an office, room to entertain family for the holidays and so much more. I could see this home in my head and feel what it was like to walk across the floors and run my hand down the stair railing. I saw my children all snug in their beds and the dogs playing in the large backyard.

My husband and I started to think and dream of that home. We put our heads together and said we could do it with no idea how. We would drive around on the weekends in search of the perfect property and pour over plans while we dreamed of our future home. We felt and believed with every fiber of our being that we could make it happen even though we didn’t have the money or land.

We have had the pleasure of living in this beautiful home now for 11 years. I look around as that sentence runs through my head. Every piece of this home, it’s existence, and everything in it is here because we had a thought and belief charged with feeling that turned into us taking action and making our dream come true. Without the thought and belief in ourselves that was tied to strong emotion and feeling our dream would have never materialized.

It is simply amazing to look around and see all that I have created. Most good and some not so good but it’s mine and I know that with the right thoughts, feelings, emotions and action I can dream up and create so much more.

Photo by Rahul Pandit on Pexels.com

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